Lilac Time – Crochet Pattern


“Lilac Time”

Crochet pattern instructions for constructing the 5 piece outfit.

Size 3-6 months Baby or Reborn.

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“Lilac Time”

size: 3-6 months


Please be aware that this listing is for a  Crochet pattern not the completed items


To re-create these garments, you will need:

  300 grams UK double knitting yarn and 150 grams contrast yarn

with UK no.8/4mm hook

 USA light worsted with F hook

 Or Australian 8 ply with 4 mm hook

 or yarn and hook to achieve stated tension


 Lovely onesie designed to look like a 2 piece outfit.  Trendy look with the practicality of the one piece garment. Back fastening to below waist and crotch area opening completely to allow for speedy nappy changing without undressing.

Chain st lace effect edging to legs and “tunic”.  Yoke and sleeves in ever popular white  to give crisp contrast peppered with embroidered flower heads to add a pretty touch.


On the lines of a sun hat style, with traditional crown in trs, with brim echoing the lace edging employed in the onesie.   Adjustable sizing. Sockshoes

Boot shaped  but given the look of socks and shoes with the addition of the contrast yarn.  Chain delineation at sole and upper for extra definition.

 Change Ringer

 Larger size to cover  well  and ring the changes for a different look. Good for dressy look whilst keeping baby’s special garments tip top for any occasion.  Dual purpose  doubling for a bib.

 Bottle Cover

Also dual purposed in keeping formula warm for a short time and also co-ordinating with the outfit.  It includes a short handle. Decorated to match the change ringer and onesie yoke and finished with chain lace edging.  Sized for a 260 ml/9 fl ozs bottle. Instructions for 125 ml/4 ozs bottle also.

This is an outfit ideally suitable for your little cherub or reborn.

The pattern is presented as an A5 booklet, inkject printed on best quality paper, with colour pictures throughout where applicable.






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