Jack and Tara – Machine Knit Pattern




Matelot Top, Trousers, Matelot Hat & Skirt


Patterns not the completed items

 Machine Knit  4.5mm gauge machines & 4 ply yarn

In sizes:   finished chest:  19”, 21”, 23”

No patterning facility or ribber required

Prototypes knitted in Yeoman’s Panama 50/50



In main yarn with contrast yarn to add interest and colour

and edge the opening, also the cords for

gathering the ankles

Embroidery across the chest


in main colour with contrast edging to brim

 and drawstring for sizing

Finished with optional simple and effective embroidery

(Illustration to work the flowers included, for those thinking they can’t embroider)

Mitts and Sockshoes

in main colour with addition detailing with contrast colour

complete the outfit

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