Dolly Cradle Bag (6.5 ins) – Sewing Pattern




The Dolly Bag

Sewing Pattern

Please note:  this listing is for a sewing pattern to produce the project

it does not include the finished item.

The fashion statement for Mini Mums.   Not only that, it has a dual purpose.

Inside is a  cradle to fit  dolls up to the size of 7/8ins.

Particularly suited for the smaller Baby Born mini world doll and similar.

The cradle has a mattress, pillow and top cover.

All of which can be classically plain, or embellished to Mini Mum’s specifications.

This is the ideal travelling accoutrement.

A handkerchief, a few sweeties and pocket money can be tucked inside and a

little change of clothing for the occupant placed under the mattress.

All secure in the drawstring bag.

No more fidgety, bored little princesses waiting for Mum to  catch up with the latest news  when she meets her friends.

Instead, the bag can be opened and the cradle displayed for playing with the little doll and if another

Mini Mum is also on hand with her Dolly Bag, then it will be the Mums fidgeting to get away when the news is exhausted!


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