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In line with our belief that “too many people, know too much, about too many other people”, we do not disclose, sell, share or otherwise disclose any personally identifiable information, collected here with the exception of what is legally obliged to be conveyed in accord with UK Laws. This includes your email address, which will never be passed to other parties. We abhor the practice of confidential matter being treated in any manner other than as confidential, believing that if you wish other parties to have your email address, you will make it available to them, yourself!

Basic information: is necessary for identification and contact. This can be amended by you whenever desired through your account.

The basic information is necessary in order to provide you with the services that you request, validate your identity (security is of paramount import to you and ourserlves), maintain our accounts and comply with the law.

Cookies: Your computer will store cookies, in relation to you being able to log in to your account, also to record your purchases. This is necessary to afford a customer friendly shopping experience for you.

Tracking cookies: No such cookies are employed on this site. We are not interested in your shopping habits. Our interest is in providing you with an excellent service, which you would be happy to recommend to others. Our belief is that “recommendation is the best form of advertising”.

Security: This site has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. All data is protected using the most advanced methods available to encrypt all data, using a secure SSL server .

Sometime we show links to other sites. This should not be construed as any responsibility on our part for the Content or Policies employed by such sites. The provision of such links would be our belief that you may find them of interest. However, if such sites upload questionable material, we would be obliged to be made aware of such, in order for us to remove any link to them from this web site.

This policy is stated in the belief that we have covered all necessary points relating to your confidentiality. Should you feel that anything has been overlooked, we would appreciate your contact on the matter.

Thank you.
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