About Us

For those who don’t know me, I’m a graphics and knitwear designer. I’ve been involved with var- ious crafts from as far back as I can remember—and that’s a very long time. My mother, through necessity mainly, painted, knitted, crocheted, sewed and embroidered. It was the years of the second world war and the government exhortation to make, make do and mend slipped into the vocabulary unnoticed by her—she’d been doing it all of her life already!

I watched in amazement as she manipulated yarn and other materials into magical shapes and designs. She was to me, a magician, conjurer and juggler, all rolled into one, and more beside. I don’t remember her ever sitting with nothing to do. She was also an avid reader. In such an environment I either had to love or hate crafts. Fortunately I loved and still love them—So much so, that all my life has been governed by “I wonder if I could make it!”

Little wonder then, that as my experience grew, then I would adapt, design, make, mend, paint, whatever lent itself to such procedure. I am eternally grateful to this beloved lady, whose presence I continue to miss, but whose legacy lives on!

Thank you for visiting.